Visually Impaired-Accessible Artwork

Picture Of Artist Painting A MuralAn artist in Louisville, Kentucky, is creating art installations that highlight the history of the Clifton neighborhood. What's unique about the project by artist Liz Richter is that she is painting visually impaired-accessible artwork. Richter got inspiration for her art project from students at the Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB).

The art pieces presented in the Clifton neighborhood, where KSB is located, will include audio descriptions, textured surfaces, high contrast visuals, kinetic interaction, and aromas. Clifton is also home to the American Printing House for the Blind. Besides living in the neighborhood, Richter was previously a visiting artist at KSB.

"There hasn't been any public art that's really tried to consider a blind and visually impaired audience and what a better place to test out that model or to like work on that part of public art than in the Clifton neighborhood where this population exists, and not only that, where these cultural institutions exist as well that support that group of people," said Richter.

SDCB can help you or a loved one with vision loss or blindness; please contact us to learn more.

“Beyond what meets the eye: Clifton project creating art for those with visual impairments”

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