Will a case for accessibility against a retailer make others retailers rethink their own accessibility issues
a cartoon image of a worker in a yellow hardhat holding a sign that says under construction with the word construction written beside the workerA federal judge ruled that Winn-Dixie violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not making its website available to blind and visually impaired individuals even though the ADA doesn’t specifically deal with websites. Because Winn-Dixie’s website is an extension of its physical locations, the judge ruled in the favor of the visually impaired man who sued.

But that’s old news now.

What isn’t old news is how this recent ruling is going to affect other retailers with online shopping opportunities. Will companies of all sizes have to develop accessible websites and what impact will it have on the visually impaired community?

Read more about the case and what happens now in this article.

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Winn-Dixie case may compel retailers to make their websites ADA compliant

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